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We depend on your help to keep San Francisco’s
historic streetcars and cable cars on track.

We need your financial support more than ever to ensure that the streetcars and cable cars return to the streets of San Francisco as soon as it's safe to do so after this pandemic. Your support also helps us build the next generation of streetcar and cable car lovers through our San Francisco Railway Museum, online resources, and social media groups.  

Your monthly gift helps us the most, You'll become a sustaining member in categories named after important transit jobs. Your monthly gift will repeat automatically; you won't have to think about renewing. You can stop monthly payments whenever you like by just sending an email to 

You can join annually as well, in the same categories. We will send you a renewal notice one month before it's due to expire, or you can choose to auto-renew your annual membership below. (If you'd like to take out a new annual membership and pay by check, you don't need to fill out the form below. Just pick a category and send that amount to Market Street Railway, 870 Market Street, Suite 803, San Francisco CA 94102.)

Annual or monthly, all members receive our quarterly magazine, Inside Track, with news and features you won't find anywhere else, plus a 10% discount on all merchandise at our San Francisco Railway Museum and online store. If you sign up at the Conductor or above level ($100+ giving per year), you'll receive a free copy of our acclaimed full-color calendar. Signing up at the Operator or above level ($250 or more per year) will enroll you in our Operator's Circle, with exclusive events, tours, and private rides on vintage transit vehicles, plus the calendar as well.

If you prefer to make a one-time donation without the benefits of membership, please click here.


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